Makeup Primer

A makeup primer is applied before foundation to get a smooth and long lasting base for your

makeup. It usually comes in a liquid, gel or cream form and in a variety of finishes—dewy, satin

or matte. It absorbs excess oil, fill in pores, and even out the skin tone. Some makeup primers

provide less coverage, while some gives more skin care benefits like anti-aging, hydration and sun

protection to improve your skin over the long term.

There are different types of primers that can be used on the face, lips, eyes and even on eye lashes.

Face Primer benefits:

The main goal is to get a smooth and long lasting base coat. According to Reynolds “It provides

a base for makeup to stick to. Primer really increases the longevity of your makeup and

prevents creasing throughout the day.”

There are different variations of face primers for every skin type.

Illuminating primers: To get extra skin glow, some primers have glimmering particles.

These products can even be worn on their own or under the foundation for adding glow to your makeup



Mattifying primers: Mattifying primer is applied if you have oily skin type. Such a product

gives matte effect by reducing shine and control sebum.

Color-correcting primers: In order to correct discolorations such as red, sallow, or ashen skin, tinted primers are perfect choice.

 Hydrating primers: Hydrating primers provide an extra layer of moisture to your dehydrated skin. It’s great for dry skin to normal skin type. 

Pore-minimizing primers: If you have an uneven skin tone and large pores,

apply a pore minimizing primer. It reduces the appearance of pores and your makeup is applied smoothly.

Lip Primers:

Lip primers also acts like face primers to give smooth base for your lipstick. It basically prep

your lips for lipstick. It prevents fading and feathering of your lipstick. Reynolds says “Lip

primer is key to filling in fine lines and reducing lipstick feathering,”


Eyeshadow primer


Sometimes your eyelids get a little oily throughout the day and eyeshadow become creased or


that the pigment fades too quickly. Eyelid primer prevents creasing and enhances eyeshadow


pigmentation. Reynolds makeup artist says “Eyelid primer not only enhances pigmentation of


your shadow, but also prevents creasing. Eyelid primers will allow your eye makeup to glide on


smoothly and keep it fierce throughout the day.”

Eyelash Primer

Eyelash primer is a perfect choice if you’re looking for fuller, thicker lashes. Eyelash primer

increases length of lashes, and, in some cases, can also promote natural lash growth. It also makes

a good base for your mascara, making it last longer and flake free throughout the day. Reynolds

makeup artist says, “I love eyelash primer because it is great for conditioning lashes and getting

them ready for mascara.”


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